We are Sonoma County.

Greetings from beautiful Santa Rosa, California. We are surrounded by natural beauty and all that comes with it. Small batch, hand-crafted artisanal production sets our region’s wines and our footwear apart from the rest. Try our sandals and clogs, and you will see why so many people swear by us — whether they have Morton’s Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis, or just tired feet.

Why These Sandals Rock!

Hand sewn leather uppers, super cushy footbeds!

These women and countless others like them are a super important part of the footwear business — the finishing touches in a process that takes nearly 200 individual steps. In most cases, these artisans will have learned this skill over many years with the guidance of their mother or aunt. Because our sandals are sewn by hand, one at a time (and more art than science), these women can work as much or as little as their schedule or needs demand. Often, several women will get together to do the fine handwork, as seen above. The income from making our sandals is a vital part of the family’s finances, and we are extremely pleased to support this proud tradition.

Say it with me… reflexology bumps…

Whether you wear these all day long or slip them on when you get home, our sandals will help your tired, aching feet. We have placed 80 soft reflexology bumps throughout the surface of our footbed to help stimulate your feet. They are small and not very noticeable, but your feet will love them !!!!

Discover the magic of better feeling feet!

Our soft, yet supportive footbed will be a joy compared to other sandals that you may have worn. Question: what good does a cork footbed do your if it molds to your foot, but your feet are not already perfect? Answer: Not much, in our opinion.

We prefer the “active arch support” offered in all of our products. The nice, high arch will stay that way throughout its life –and look great doing it!

David and John know comfort footwear!

After many, many years at Birkenstock and decades in footwear retailing, David Bergum and John Wilkinson decided to try to make the world a more comfortable place — one pair at a time. We are big believers in arch support, and we think you can have it without wearing a carved slab of wood on your feet. Try us risk free for a month and see why we believe that we make the best footwear on this or any planet.

Why We Matter…

Our approach to building our limited-edition, super comfortable, arch supportive footwear is a reaction to what we see going on in our industry and the world in general. We don’t want to be the biggest — we are simply striving to make the BEST SANDALS THAT YOU CAN BUY — ANYWHERE.

We have deliberately taken the path less traveled — meaning SMALLER batches, LESS production, and super high quality methods to build our products — all to bring to you sandals, shoes and clogs that will not only look and feel great, but will last a long, long time. We are constantly being told by our customers that our sandals helped their Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma or just plain aching feet. We’ve invested more money than our spouses would ever want to know and many, many years of our lives in the simple idea that people want to feel great while without strapping boards on their feet :-).